Terms & Conditions

The seller is House of Piccadilly Ltd. The buyer refers to the Company or persons by, or on behalf of, whom the order is generated. Goods refer to items described on the Seller’s brochure, invoice or a delivery note.


House of Piccadilly quotations are subject to change without prior warning due to price fluctuations in raw materials and/or exchange rates.


1. The Warranty applies to products purchased and installed within the United Kingdom.

2. All products must be installed by a qualified professional and evidence of this must be provided to support any claim.

3. A form of proof of purchase is required to support any claim.

4. The product must be available for House of Piccadilly to inspect, do not remove or destroy the product as we may request photographic evidence.

5. The product must have been installed, cleaned, and used in accordance with House of Piccadilly instructions. Additionally, the product should also be installed in-line with good plumbing practice (e.g flushing out pipework before installation).

6. Some products will change colour overtime due to oxidisation e.g, un-lacquered brass. Such claims will not be accepted for these products due to the nature of the materials.

7. Claims for products not performing due to insufficient water pressure will not be accepted. House of Piccadilly provides details of minimum pressure in the installation manual, and they can also be found online. Please check before installation.

8. If the product is faulty due to a manufacturing or materials failure we will at our discretion, repair or supply a replacement product or suitable part thereof free of charge.

9. If the product is no longer in manufacture and we cannot supply the identical product or suitable component part we will offer to replace with the nearest product from our current range.

10. Exclusions: Damage caused by lime-scale, mildew, chemicals or inappropriate cleaning and consequential damage.

Conditions Of Warranty

All House of Piccadilly products come with a 2-year guarantee as standard. Within this period House of Piccadilly will provide replacement products or parts needed to complete the repairs. This is on condition that the fault is manufacturing related and at House of Piccadilly Ltd discretion.

We also offer different extended guarantees for our products by registering the warranty with us. Please return your warranty card to our office address. House of Piccadilly, Artemis House, Eboracum Way, York, YO31 7RE.
Once registered:

House of Piccadilly Radiators comes with a 5-year guarantee.
House of Piccadilly Brassware comes with a 15-year guarantee.
House of Piccadilly Stoneware comes with a lifetime guarantee.
All products must have been installed by a qualified professional and evidence
of this will need to be provided to support any claim.


Lifetime guarantee
1. General wear and tear and damaged caused whilst installing will not be covered.

2. All products must be installed by a qualified professional in guidance with the instructions provided at the time of purchase.

3. The guarantee will be void if the above advice is not followed.


1. Prior to dispatch all our goods are thoroughly inspected and deemed saleable.

2. It is highly recommended that you inspect the product within 7-days of delivery, to ensure all products are undamaged.

3. Once delivered you are accountable for all goods, and we will not be held responsible for any damage if the goods are stored incorrectly.

4. If there is any damaged caused at the point of installation, we will not be held responsible.

5. We will happily accept a return if the goods are faulty or not as described.

6. If goods are damaged during delivery, we will replace them free of charge.

7. If damages have occurred, you must notify us within the 7-day period via email.

8. We will offer a refund within 14-days of receiving the returned goods.

Right to vary the terms and conditions
At any point we reserve the right to amend our terms of sale. This may be to reflect changes in market conditions that may affect our business. Any changes in payment methods, technology & relevant laws.